Subdecay Quasar Quantum Phase Machine
판매가 : 205,000원
소비자가 : 258,000
제조사 : Sub Decay
수량 :




Shape- Selects six different LFO shapes to modulate the phaser.
Sine- Sounds great for vibe tones, especially at medium to higher speeds.
Triangle- The classic LFO shape for most phasers offering smooth balance modulation.
Triangle/Square- A slow triangle with a faster square LFO as well. Mixing jagged steps with a more traditional sound.
Random sample/hold- Completely random step modulation.
8 step- Similar to the random LFO, but arranged in an 8 step triangle sequence.
16 step- Similar to 8 Step, but a longer sequence.
Speed- Controls the phaser modulation speed.
Regen- Controls the feedback and intensity of the effect.

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   Subdecay Quasar Quantum Phase Machine

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