Demeter Fuzzy Octavulator FZO-1
판매가 : 299,000원
소비자가 : 398,000
제조사 : Demeter
수량 :



FZO-1: Classic octave tone without the noise. Coupled with classic tones from our Fuzzulator circuit, this is a combination that guarantees some totally amazing sounds. Using a completely new analog circuit to generate the octave, the sound is smooth, musical and usable through a much greater range than other devices.

The unit has a 1.5 dB gain in octave mode. Push the octave switch and the octave is engaged. There is a blue LED to indicate that the octave is on. The balance control lets you fine tune your tone.

Although the unit was designed to be used with the onboard fuzz, you can also get some great tones with the octave alone.

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   Demeter Fuzzy Octavulator FZO-1

 제조사 (생산자)  Demeter  크기  스펙 및 상세정보 참조
 수입자  (주)뮤직포스 글로벌 네트웍스  색상  스펙 및 상세정보 참조
 원산지  USA  재질  스펙 및 상세정보 참조
 동일모델 출시년월  년 월  제품구성  스펙 및 상세정보 참조
 A/S 안내  뮤직포스 리페어 서비스  070-4116-5140  품질보증기준  하단안내 참조