Hartman SFZ Two-Stage Hybrid Fuzz
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an SFZ Two-Stage Hybrid Fuzz


"got the pedal, IT IS FANTASTIC!!! Best pedal I own, bar none, VERY, VERY HAPPY, LOVE THAT FUZZ, on both sides!!!!!  If you want you can use this in your customer testimonials. Incredible quality and workmanship....the proof is in the puddin', bro. . Thank you for premium quality in all areas including customer service.  BRAVO!!!"  R.S. - Madison, WI.



1.  In addition to running on (2) 9V batteries, all SFZ units now include the capability of running on external power (18VDC, 2.5mm "Boss" style adaptor, tip negative). 

( 일반보다 두꺼운 2.5mm DC Jack을 필요로 하며, 18V DC로 구동됩니다.)

2.  Germanium and Silicon internal bias trim controls are now standard.


The Hartman SFZ hybrid fuzz face pedal brings two classic fuzz circuits together in a single guitar pedal.   Starting with a pair of meticulously crafted clones of the original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face pedal circuit, the SFZ stacks 2 stages of fuzz end-to-end using gain-selected Germanium and Silicon transistor pairs.  N.O.S. (new old-stock) Germanium and current-production Silicon transistors are selected for optimal leakage, gain and tone.


Each fuzz stage has its own Fuzz and Volume controls, heavy-duty true-bypass footswitch, LED indicator.  Stages may be selected individually or combined as a pair for greater depth, detail, tonal coloration and sustain.  Both fuzz stages respond exceptionally well to touch, player dynamics, changes in guitar volume.


Split internal 18v power using (2) 9v cells permits mixing and matching carbon-zinc and alkaline batteries for different fuzz tones.  Alternatively, the SFZ can be powered via its external 18VDC power jack.


The bias and texture of the Germanium and Silicon fuzz circuits can be adjusted separately via dedicated internal bias trim pots.


Hartman SFZ pedals are hand built to order and assembled in the USA  



 - 100% hand wired, bench tested and auditioned prior to shipping

 - Plated-thru-hole printed circuit board (PCB) construction

 - Gain-select NOS Germanium and Silicon transistor pairs

 - Lower-noise, 5% carbon-film resistors

 - Heavy duty true-bypass switching.

 - Metallic Silver powder-coated heavy-duty die-cast aluminum enclosure.

 - Dual LED indicators--amber for Germanium, green for Silicon

 - Ships with (2) new carbon-zinc 9v batteries


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   Hartman SFZ Two-Stage Hybrid Fuzz

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