Hartman Compressor
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제조사 : Haretman
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Hartman Compressor

Using a combination of hand-selected N.O.S. (new old-stock) components and an ultra-quiet modern signal-path, the Hartman Compressor recreates the tight, transparent squeeze and legendary soft-clipping of one of the first (and smallest) guitar compressors.  The Hartman Compressor improves upon the design of the original upon which it is based with External Ratio and Gain controls, LED, external 9VDC jack, and heavy-duty True-Bypass switching.


External Ratio control provides instant access to any level of compression.  And with additional gain to spare, the Hartman Compressor is equally comfortable running country-clean, as a lead boost, or being pushed past breakup into smooth overdrive.  Fast attack and transparent release ensure that even high ratios of compression are free of unwanted transients and pumping.


Hand-assembled to order, the Hartman Compressor features the same genuine N.O.S. parts, plated-thru-hole printed circuit board (PCB) construction and quality workmanship as Hartman's fuzz. All pedals are meticulously grounded and shielded in rugged powder-coated metal enclosures for ultra-quiet operation.


Feature Summary:


    - 100% hand wired, bench tested and auditioned prior to shipping

    - Mil-spec plated-thru-hole printed circuit board (PCB) construction

    - Genuine N.O.S. Op-amp and Germanium-diode envelope detector

    - Ultra-quiet 1% metal-film resistors film capacitors

    - Switchcraft jacks & Alpha potentiometers

    - External Ratio and Gain control

    - Heavy duty true-bypass switching.

    - External 9VDC IN jack

    - Reverse-polarity protection.

    - "Your Old School Desk" Green powder-coated metal enclosure.

    - ON/OFF LED indicator

    - Ships with new 9v battery

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   Hartman Compressor

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